1/2 Day – Prague


1/2 Day – Prague

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Walk through romantic vineyards hidden from the bustle of city life and taste their best wines

Escape from beer!

Find out why Prague was called the Wine City! Historic wine-growing traditions, ideal geography & terroir make Prague one of the best European cities for wine lovers. Central Europe is rapidly becoming one of the trendiest wine regions to discover and Prague is exactly the right location to experience the tantalizing combination of Czech wines paired with top cuisine. It was Prince Wenceslas himself, the first of the Czech territorial patrons who ruled in the 10th century, who founded the vineyards by Prague Castle. With the reign of Charles IV, the kingdom of Bohemia saw viticulture grow as the King had an extensive knowledge about wine from his stays in France and Italy. Since then, the city has always had a keen interest in wine. Be part of the growing trend and learn more about the tiny yet beautiful vineyards in Prague !


The 2 vineyards are located only 15-mn away from the center or Prague.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Your hotel
  • Departure Time
    10:00 am or 2:30 pm
  • Return Time
    4 hours later
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable clothing.
  • Included
    Entry Fees
    Hotel pick up
    Personal Wine Guide
    Private Tour
    Visit of winery
    Wine tastings
  • Not Included
    2-course Lunch
    Biking tour
    Personal Guide
    Personal Wine & Heritage Expert
    Visit of a castle
    Visit of Unesco Churches
Walk in the vineyeards and enjoy a Sekt tasting few minutes away from the crowded center of Prague
  • Pick up at a meeting point in the center by an English-speaking driver & a local guide, very knowledgeable about wine & heritage
  • First, you will be driven to a vineyard located in a residential and trendy area. You'll have the opportunity to drink a local sekt in a gazebo in the middle of the vineyards overlooking the city
Visit a traditional winery with the winegrower, understand the wine process with the winegrower, discover all Czech grapes and enjoy a complete wine tasting
  • Then, you will reach the famous area of Troja, Prague’s most well known wine territory where a Late Baroque style chateau stands surrounded by a delightful garden.
  • Only a short walk from the chateau, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Prague and the Troja Valley. As you stroll through the vineyards, you’ll receive an introduction to the wine world of the Czech Republic. You will be able to see all of the different grape varieties that are planted here. After reaching the top of the vineyards, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best wines from the Troja sub-region.
  • Your next stop, which is less than 10 mn away, is a winery that produced wines for Czech kings, generation after generation. Nowadays, it continues to make the best wine of the region and is known as the largest vineyard in Prague.
  • End of your journey, unless you want to stay for a nice lunch in a winery, we'll drop you at your most convenient place in the city
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Tours Reviews
  • Esta C

    On our recent trip to Prague, we had just the greatest experience learning about and tasting Czech wines with Andrea. If you are lucky enough to book this wine tour, you will be both educated and charmed by Andrea whose knowledge is very extensive from her years of study. On a beautiful late summer day in Prague, we visited wineries within the city with fantastic views, gardens and architecture. Czech wines are generally not available in the United States but when they are, we will be ambassadors for them and for the lovely Czech Republic.

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  • Trisha M

    My friend & I LOVED this tour. Andrea was so kind and showed us some beautiful, less touristy parts of Prague. The park where the tour begins is breathtaking and the wine to complement this visit was excellent. We loved leaving the city center too and seeing a lovely Czech winery. The tour of the vineyards & learning more about the winemaking process was interesting. We loved the wine tasting there as well. (not a bad one!) Andrea knows a lot about Czech wines as well as wines in general. She really piqued our interest in learning (and tasting :)) more wines all over the world. It was fabulous to spend time with a Prague local and she gave us great recommendations to explore beyond our tour. We took them & loved those too. I highly recommend you adding this to your Prague agenda.

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Nearly four-fifths of the wines made in the Czech Republic are white wines. Despite the northerly location of the vineyards, this is also the home of some excellent red and exceptional rosé wines. The Czech Republic offers a wide range of varieties to choose from. Single variety wines are much more common than cuvée, blends of multiple varieties, although these are on the increase. The following list provides the most common varieties found in our vineyards, with additional tips about varieties which while less abundant are no less interesting.
      • Veltlínské zelené (Grüner Veltliner) was made famous in Austria and in the Czech Republic it has all it takes to provide a great refreshing white wine with its typical peppery note
      • Müller-Thurgau offers a rather uncomplicated and easily drinkable white wine, but this is a traditional variety in the Czech Republic and one of the most widely seen, virtually all over the country.  A pleasant, lush wine with Muscat tones
      • Ryzlink rýnský (Rhine Riesling) is a world famous variety, a noble grape yielding some of the country‘s finest wines, very popular with domestic vintners
      • Sauvignon blanc is a world renowned variety. . These wines are made in different styles, but you can be sure to expect a fresh expression, sometimes with tones of herbs, blackcurrant or elderflower
      • Noble wines which deserve attention are varieties of Neuburger, Sylvaner, or roter Veltliner. Many famed international varieties have also found their home here.
      • Among bottled wines we often encounter fruity Chardonnay, often the slightly sweetish Rulandské šedé (Pinot Gris) or the fragrant Gewűrztraminer
    • Svatovavřinecké (St Laurent) is our most widespread blue grape variety that can produce seductively aromatic, fruity, spicy wines, ranging from the playfully accessible to the rare and refined.
    • Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) is another of the major Austrian varieties here established, but it suffered some setbacks under the previous regime and deserves more care. When properly prepared it brings a juicy classic red, much benefiting from ageing in oak caskets.
    • Zweigeltrebe, a hybrid of Svatovavřinecké and Frankovka is the most widespread variety in Austria, but on our territory also gives excellent wines, redolent of berries, softer, easy drinking.
    • Rulandské modré (Pinot Noir) is a mainstay global variety with some of the finest wines coming from Burgundy, Oregon, and California, but in the Czech Republic its tradition goes back centuries. Styles vary markedly, from the lighter strawberry-fruity wines to the more complex structured wines redolent of ripe stone-fruit, aged in wood, with the potential for aging.
    • Modrý portugal (Blauer Portugieser) typically offers a lighter, straightforward fruity red “to quench a thirst” and easy drinking. It is grown throughout the whole of Moravia and Bohemia, and wines from the Velké Pavlovice area are certainly worth sampling
    • Also worth a taste are the scented Moravský muškát and Aurelius varieties; the red Cabernet Moravia may also be intriguing. All these are unique varieties cultivated directly in the Czech Republic.
    • .Among reds, both Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are sometimes grown, of which the latter tends to be the more successful. These are mostly interesting for comparison purposes, as a local manifestation of popular world varieties; sampling is recommended.
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